Seasons of Taos

seasonings from the heart.


Dori’s Original

A blend of sea salt, paprika, garlic and other selected spices… Perfect for sprinkling on eggs, veggies, or even cottage cheese…An ideal addition to all sauces.

Use Dori’s Original to spice-up garlic butter on bread or on pasta… Or, just marinate chicken or fish in fresh lemon juice or olive oil and Dori’s Original before grilling…Delicious on popcorn too.

Since 1966, as unique as the golden aspens and crimson scrub oak of a Taos Fall… A perfect mix!

Salt-Free Seasoning

Enjoy the salt-free version of Seasons of Taos…Dori’s Salt-Free is a savory blend of New Mexico red chili, garlic, onion, sage, and many other spices…Short on salt, but definitely not short on flavor.

A delicious rub for all meats before grilling…As brisk and invigorating as Taos’ snow-capped Sangre de Cristo Mountains…A delicious and healthy choice!

Dori’s Chili Original

Wonderful as a dip for chips and veggies, or as an aromatic salad dressing…Simply whip a pint of sour cream or non-fat cottage cheese with fresh lemon juice, then add just a tablespoon of Dori’s Chili Original… Delicious! And terrific on popcorn too… no need to add butter!

A sizzling blend of sea salt, paprika, garlic, red chili, and many more herbs and spices…The heat of a New Mexican Summer captured in a jar!

Taos and Tuscany seem an unlikely mix until you try Dori’s Southwestern Seasoning… A special blend ideally suited for sprinkling on your favorite Italian dish…A tasty rub for fish, chicken, or ribs… Spice-up your pasta or your enchiladas with this one-of-a-kind salt-free blend of red chili, marjoram, mustard, sesame seeds, and much more…

Try it on popcorn too!As delicate as the first Daffodils of Spring… Primavera in the Great Southwest!

Seasons of Taos blends are unique among all other seasonings…

A completely original combination of up to a dozen all-natural ingredients, free of additives and preservatives…
Perfect as a marinade ingredient for fish, chicken, or vegetables…
So good on salads that you’ll use less dressing… or no dressing… maybe just a little vinegar or olive oil or lemon juice or…
And an excellent substitute for table salt.

Taste the unique flavor of La Tierra Encantada… The Land of Enchantment… The Four Seasons of Taos!

Special Taos Seasonings Gift Pack

A custom wooden crate with three of Dori’s Original Seasonings.

Gift Wrapped!

Just $27.80 plus $8.00 PRIORITY Mail

TOTAL $35.80

“…I would hate to think of life without your Chili Original – scrambled eggs especially, would be impossible. If we are going to add salt to anything for seasoning, we usually go for your mix…”

T&J W.

Kennewick, WA

“…My family, Mom and Sister in Colorado, Dad in Minnesota, use your seasons on just about everything, hence my ordering a case. It even got my husband to enjoy eating fish.”

Greta G.

Sacramento, CA

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